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Have you wondered why progress is so hard to make and keep?

You hustle and strive and work and claw your way to a new level, but before you know it, a bump comes along in the road and you’re right back where you started again!


You reach a new summit and stop for just a minute to catch your breath assuming you will be able to pick up where you left off - only to find your progress seemingly lost. 

Or maybe you’ve tried that again and again without lasting success and you’re just tired. You just plop down feeling defeated and wondering why success seems like it’s just for other people - not for you. 

But perhaps you just need some upgrades to your mindset, skillset, and environment! 

To begin, we need to become aware of the cycle of our thoughts, feelings, and actions (or reactions or inaction). Then we can work to make the necessary shifts and slowly but surely we’ll be moving forward towards our goals with a power we’ve never known before! 

Need some help on this journey? Not sure where to start?

Well, you’re in luck. . .

I have a program for Christian, growth-minded women that’s perfect for you if you're needing a little support! 

It’s called the Restless to Restored Group Coaching Program and for a very limited time - you can be a Founding member! 

Meet with Dr. Eve live every week for group coaching! 

You’ll also have access to the archives of our weekly live group coaching calls - recorded and transcribed to be searchable!

In addition, we have a wonderful (free) Facebook group to accompany the program that will reinforce all the shifts you’re making. 

And the whole program is in line with a Christian worldview - so you can be confident it won’t be opposed to your core beliefs. Overcome your barriers and thought patterns and know that you're enough -  made in His image and likeness! 

Are you ready for a positive shift?

Join Us! 


Questions? Let's get in touch! 

Thanks! I look forward to hearing from you!