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To the Christian woman who feels restless and is ready for a positive shift...

It’s time to let your “baggage” become your roadmap to living a full life with no regrets.

What would it feel like to. . .

  • Start living each day in joy and freedom.

  • Rewire that inside voice that’s beating you up and keeping you stuck.

  • Release yourself from the opinions of others.

  • Listen to the desires of your heart.

  • Step forward with courage trusting that God is leading you. 

  • Find the peace you long for, knowing you're living life by design.


 We’re only aware of about 5% of our mind’s activity? 

That means 95% of our thoughts, feelings and actions are on autopilot!


Furthermore, research shows that 95% of our thoughts were the same repetitive thoughts from yesterday and 80% of our repeated thoughts are negative. 


It’s easy to see why we feel like we’re stuck on a hamster wheel! 


Keep reading to see how it’s possible to get off the merry-go-round and start living a fulfilling, integrated life of joy and freedom. 

Hello there, I’m so glad you’re here.


I’m Dr. Eve, a Christian psychologist turned Wholeness Coach. I’m a married mom of 4 and big fan of personal development, Nebraska sunsets, essential oils, and a good slice of pizza.


Welcome to my cozy corner of the world.

I can help you:
- stop the exhausting struggle to do enough and be enough

- renew your inner voice so you can serve your highest purpose
- settle into a life of knowing your God-given worth

- take brave action towards your dreams 

If you're like most women I know. . .

You’re racing through life barely hanging on to the wheel.

The pedal is to the metal but you’re not even sure where you’re going.

One moment, you’re looking forward to a future with a slower pace.

The next, you’re realizing the minutes are turning to years and wishing time would slow down so you could catch your breath and savor life a little more.


You’re striving to do it all but you feel like the most important things are getting lost in the shuffle and you’re spinning out of control.


But it’s ok. . there’s hope (lots of it).

It’s never too late to pivot.


You can start to learn a better way. You can learn to slow down, become more aware, and begin to shape your future instead of letting the world fill your life with “shoulds”.


When you make the shift, your heart’s desires (placed there by God) become your GPS and your legacy shifts with you.


With a managed mind and a growth-focused life you will:

- show up with confidence every day

- know deeply that you are enough

- quickly recalibrate when stressful thoughts and feelings arise

- realize that your thoughts steer your life, your emotions are the fuel, and you are in control of both

- recognize the freedom that comes with surrender 

- without spending 10s of thousands of dollars and years sitting in the chair of a therapist’s office

The #1 Mistake Women Make today

... is thinking that things will get easier/better when:
- the kids are in school
- their husband gets a raise

- they finished this degree

- have a bigger house

. . . .and on and on and on

Mistake #2 is believing that this is all there is to life...That you just have to get used to the stress, chaos, and emptiness.

You’re going to keep spinning your wheels and never find the peace you long for by reading another book, listening to another podcast episode, or sitting in a therapy office talking about your problems.

The reality is, your situation won’t change until YOU change. Your current skillset and mindset have gotten you where you are today. If you want your life to change, you’re going to need new skills and to renew your mindset.

So how do you do it?

Well, imagine for a moment. . .


  • Learning a step by step framework for uncovering the desires of your heart and creating the change needed to make them a reality...

  • Having the opportunity to be coached yourself and learn by watching others receiving coaching. 

  • Learning new skills, scripts and strategies to make changes that stick

  • All in as little as a few hours a week…with someone who has spent decades of time and big investments in training, refining the techniques for facilitating change, learning from experts in the field.

And perhaps the best part. . . you can do it all through the lens of our Christian faith, keeping God at the forefront. 

Well you don’t have to imagine any more, it’s here!


Woman School Masterclass

Mobile Phone User
The Wholenes School


There is a dream for every season of life.

1. Discover The Dream

A dream helps us see beyond our current self. 
Without a dream, we become restless, discouraged, and resentful. 
We stay stuck and risk a quiet life of desperation. 

The Woman School Masterclass begins by teaching you to uncover the desires in your heart and to mature and purify them. 

These desires are a window to your unique calling in the current season.

The dream shines a light on the specific contribution to society that is meant just for you.

Going "all in" in one or two areas while the others fall apart will not work long-term. We must seek to become fully integrated in all facets of our life if we wish to have lasting peace, joy, and freedom.

2. Design a life that is whole. 

3. Design the woman. 

Be guided to create the skillset, mindset, and discipline necessary to step into the beautiful vision you have created. 

The Foundation is the
16 Powerful Life-changing Lessons

Bi-weekly Small Group Strategy Sessions Facilitated by Dr. Eve

Live Q&A Sessions with T

Live Q&A sessions with The Woman School Founder January Donovan


Enjoying Outdoor


This lesson. . provided me with hope that with these skills and scripts I can have interior freedom and break the generational chain of negative/fixed mindset.

Mature Woman


I just finished The Woman School and attended with my daughters...Definitely one of the best decisions we've ever made. We will be using these life lessons forever and will pass on for generations. 

Smiling Woman


Growing as a woman is so beautiful, practical, and inspring. Through the masterclass, a woman cannot help but to want to stand up and become the woman she was created to be. 

Set up a call to see if
The Woman School Masterclass
is right for you!

What you'll get when you enroll in The Woman School with Dr. Eve


Unlimited On-demand access to the course's 16 lessons

Review the lessons over and over at various "seasons" of your life


Printable strategies, scripts, and templates

This is where the real work (and magic) takes place. Exercises, models, and formulas all spelled out together with worksheets to help you take the lesson from theory to practice in your life. 


Bi-weekly Group Strategy Sessions with Dr. Eve

You'll be part of a cohort of women all growing and learning together in a community of support. 


Live Q & A sessions with founder January Donovan

You'll have access to January Donovan live to ask any questions you might have! You get the chance to see that she walks the walk and is a humble student as well as a wise teacher. 


Exclusive Access to a Private Facebook Community for Masterclass Students

Surrounding yourself with other women on the journey is priceless. This is an active community where you can feel at home.


Get free live weekly group coaching with Dr. Eve to learn to get unstuck, overcome negative thought patterns, and manage your emotions.
Group Coaching w/
Dr. Eve

FREE unlimited access to weekly group coaching!


12 Non-negotiable Skills Course
12 Deep Dive Skills Lessons full of Scripts and Strategies
to Design a Whole Version of You


Sign up today or schedule a free call with me to explore whether or not 
it's the right next step for you!

Maybe you've tried programs like this before. . . 

I've been there too. Bought a course thinking it was going to be "the one" only to get distracted and never finish it.


It's a fact that 90% of courses bought online never get completed. 


That's why we've built in some extra supports with The Woman School Masterclass. You won't be left on your own with this one - you'll have bi-weekly calls with other women going through the program, live Q&As with January Donovan - the founder, and a vibrant exclusive Facebook community. And, as my student,  you'll get the added bonus of the weekly group coaching.


I'm confident that this class will change your life - not gather dust like those in the past! 

Unsure about investing in yourself?

It is an investment, but one that changed me in such a powerful way that I knew I needed to share it with others! 

What would it be worth to have better relationships with your spouse, children, or family?

How much would you pay to break the generational patterns that have held you back so that your children don't have to face the same challenges?

Have a business? What would it mean to your business if you could once and for all get out of your own way and move forward?

Do you have some nagging issues from your family of origin? For much less than the cost of therapy, you'll have some clarity about how to clean that up and step forward in confidence!

What is it worth to be able to uncover the desires of your heart and finally feel like you're living the live God designed you for?

And to do this all in the beautiful community of growth-minded women, led by an expert who has helped thousands of other women like you to have the mindset and skillset be their best self - priceless!

A quick review of everything
you'll get

16 video lessons from The Wholeness School Founder January Donovan. Lessons will help you dream and set goals, design a life of wholeness, and design the woman you need to become to reach your dreams. 

Bi-weekly group strategy sessions with

Dr. Eve to review the lessons. 

Free access to Dr Eve's

Restless to Restored Group Coaching Program to work on aligning your thoughts, feelings and actions with your goals. 

Printable strategies, scripts, and templates to help your plans become your default habits.

Live Q&A sessions with

January Donovan herself!

Special Bonus of the

12 Non-negotiable Skills Training

with the purchase of Premium Access

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